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We have had two children in the Dunbar Ivy Montessori School over the last four years.  Even prior to starting Ivy, we had heard nothing but praise about the program and its teachers going back several years.  We have not been disappointed and have referred other children to the Ivy program because of the extremely positive experience we have had.  Both children have thrived with the Montessori program learning to read, write and do simple math even prior to entering kindergarten.  They have been inspired to be confident speakers and interact positively with their peers. The teachers are kind and nurturing yet provide effective discipline and excellent feedback.  Our daughter who has since moved on to private school still loves to visit her preschool teachers and enjoys reading to the class.   There is a strong sense of community and family with field trips in the neighbourhood and special events to include the family.  It has been our privilege to be part of this unique educational experience.

Jiti and Jinder

Our family has been a patron of the Montessori program for a full 15 years now at various Montessori schools.  With seven children (all unique, of course), the basic Montessori insights into early education have proven to help all our children flourish in an environment rich and diverse in learning and wonder.

For the past 7 years, we have been especially privileged to be a part of the Dunbar Ivy Montessori community.  I cannot imagine a more nurturing, cheerful yet challenging and well-ordered experience for my kids’ earliest stages of literacy, numeracy and social development.

Teachers Tina and Gouri are exceptional in every way.  They provide a true source of care and support, not only for each individual child, but for us as parents as well!  They infuse into the children that all the work (and there is a lot of great work and learning happening!) and play that happens at Ivy should be done always with a sense of excitement, love and excellence, which they teach so effectively through their own solid example.   I am soon to attend my 14th parent observation at Ivy and I have always been amazed at the steps Gouri and Tina have taken to know each child and make sure each of them has been challenged and encouraged to utilize his/her full potential.  I wish I could take these teachers home with me!

The combination of a tested, successful early learning philosophy coupled with teachers who are as passionate, organized, and competent about their work as they are about caring for each child under their wing, make for the best pre-school years a toddler and his/her parents could ever hope for!